Gentle Warning

Table of Contents

  • What is this manual?
  • Release information
  • Legal information
Authors and Contributors
  • Original CATS/Cognizo developers and contributors listed
  • OpenCATS Developers and contributors
Introduction and Overview
  • What is an Applicant tracking system (ATS)?
  • How is it free and what is Open Source software?
  • OpenCATS vs CATSOne vs “open source”
  • What can OpenCATS be used for?
  • How does OpenCATS compare to other free software and paid Applicant Tracking Systems?
  • OpenCATS General Features
Windows-OpenCATS Installation instructions
  • Windows Prerequisites
  • Downloading software and preparing your system
  • Start Xampp
  • Moving your OpenCATS Applicant Tracking System directory
  • Optional-Renaming your OpenCATS default directory
  • Launch PhPMyAdmin
  • Set up OpenCATS
Install on Shared-hosting (Bluehost, GoDaddy or similar)
  • Download OpenCATS to your computer
  • CPanel-File Manager
  • CPanel-PHP
  • CPanel-MySQL
  • Install the OpenCATS software
Install on MacOS
  • OSX Prerequisites
  • Downloading software and preparing your system
  • Configure and start MAMP
  • Create database
  • Moving your OpenCATS Applicant Tracking System directory
  • OPTIONAL - Renaming your OpenCATS directory
  • Set up OpenCATS
Install Scripts, Ubuntu Linux
  • Get the correct script for your distribution
  • Install the OpenCATS software
Screens in-depth
  • OpenCATS Dashboard/Home screen
  • Activities screen
  • Job Orders screen
  • Candidates screen
  • Companies screen
  • Contacts screen
  • Lists screen
  • Calendar screen
  • Reports screen
  • Settings screen
Using OpenCATS-The building blocks
  • The modules
  • Add a new company
  • Add a new contact
  • Add a new job order
  • Adding a candidate and attaching to the job order pipeline
OpenCATS Backup/Restore and Upgrade Instructions-THIS SECTION INCOMPLETE!
  • Backup/Restore best practices and things to consider
  • About this documentation/different environments
  • Pros and Cons: GUI vs. Non-GUI
  • GUI (Graphical, point and click)
  • Non-GUI
  • Testing your backups/Setting up a test environment to reuse
  • Changing your user passwords in phpmyadmin

Short overview of original OpenCATS Source code

F.A.Q. for OpenCATS applicant tracking system

The remaining items need to be done

Using OpenCATS
  • Overview
  • Handling customers
  • Handling talent
  • Reporting and exporting data
Configuring and administering OpenCATS
  • Managing users
  • Email and templates
  • Calendars
  • Backing up and restoring the OpenCATS database
  • Special tables
Customizing OpenCATS
  • Branding
  • Localization
  • Using extensions
  • Creating extensions
Further reading
  • Academic stuff
  • The user/developer community