Install Scripts-Linux

These install scripts will dramatically reduce the time and effort necessary for installing OpenCATS on a Linux system. HOWEVER, there are some very specific requirements that must be met for using these scripts. If you don’t meet these requirements, there is no telling what can happen to any web-software that you are running from the system you use this script on.


These scripts are ONLY for Linux systems that do not have Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP installed. This will install a full lamp stack from scratch. It will likely wipe out any existing settings that are in place. I can not stress this enough.

This script is updated for OpenCATS-0.9.4-3.

Having gotten that out of the way, let’s proceed.

Open a terminal


If you get a wget error, install wget. sudo apt-get install wget in Ubuntu and Debian, sudo yum install wget in CentOS.

Get the correct script for your distribution

Wget the install script for your Distro by typing/copy-paste the following into your terminal.

Ubuntu 16.04: $ wget Ubuntu 18.04: $ wget

List directory to see the file name: ls

Make the script executable: sudo chmod +x

Run the script: sudo ./

Wait until it is finished.

Install the OpenCATS software

In your browser, go to http://localhost/opencats

Click: Installation Wizard


Step 1: System Connectivity

This step makes sure you have the required server environment set up correctly.


Green = good.


Yellow = OpenCATS will work, but some functions may not.


Red = Bad You can’t continue the installation until a server environment issue is fixed.

If there are no issues, it should be all green, click Next


Step 2: Database connectivity

Do NOT change anything here. Use the default information.

Click Test Database Connectivity


If you see all green, click next

Step 3: Loading Data

For a new installation, select New Installation, then next


Demonstration Installation will autopopulate OpenCATS with general example clients, candidates, job orders, etc. There’s no reason to use this in my opinion.


Restore installation from backup will be covered in a future tutorial


Step 4 Setup resume indexing

  • Change the paths to the executables to the correct paths. They should be as follows:
  • /usr/bin/antiword
  • /usr/bin/pdftotext
  • /usr/bin/html2text
  • /usr/bin/unrtf
  • Click Test Configuration


I always get red the first couple clicks, then it will go green. If you get green, proceed. If it stays red after a few click, the system isn’t recognizing the executables. There may be a path issue that needs corrected.

  • Click, Click, click, it will turn green.

Step 5 Mail Settings

OpenCATS can send emails. If you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to. OpenCATS works great either way!

Choose an option from the Mail Support drop-down bar, fill the necessary information in (if you are using it) and click Next


Step 6 Loading extras

Don’t forget to set the time zone to your area!


If you forget to set the time zone ALL of the timestamps on every note in OpenCATS will be wrong. Set the time zone correctly. You will thank us…

Choose the date format you like best

(United States only) choose to install (if you want) zip code lookup

Click next


Step 7 Finishing installation

Runs through the installation process. You should see a box and some pretty bars moving. It shouldn’t take long.


The default username and password are: admin/admin (all lowercase)

Click Start OpenCATS for your login screen.



Your brand new OpenCATS applicant System!



Immediately change your admin password!

  • Click Settings
  • Click Administration
  • Click User Management
  • Click your name
  • Click edit
  • Click reset password
  • Type your new password
  • Click save